A New Era of Health – Personalized, DNA-Level Nutrition From GeneWize Life Sciences

Nutrition is an integral part of human health. It is the determinant of how optimal a person’s body functions. It is also the basis of a person’s longevity.

Being healthy is a person’s greatest asset. When a person’s body is functioning at its peak, he not only avoids being derailed by illness, he also gets to be more efficient and would be able to get more things done, as well as enjoy life more.

Recently, there has been an increase in the awareness of the need to make health care a priority. Yet even as medical science advances, the trend has been leaning towards using cutting edge technology to extract the best out of what nature can offer.

Instead of creating more and more synthetic supplements, most medical research companies have been leaning towards formulating and marketing nature-based products, especially supplements.

But before you do an Andrew Weil and consume megadoses of different alternative supplements to augment your usual vitamin and mineral regimen, back up a bit and ask yourself, “Are these supplements optimal for my body?”

Maybe you’ve come across articles, or even remember high school or college Biology lessons about genetics. Genetics is the science of a person’s biological heritage. Your body is made up of structures called cells, which contain the blueprint of how your body should function: genes.

The body is said to be made up of around 100 trillion cells. Of those 100 trillion cells containing genes, it was found out that it took only 22,000 genes to determine the structure and function of any given individual.

Seeing as there are 22,000 possibilities of a determinant genetic combination of any individual, it is only logical to assume that your nutritional needs are different, even from your siblings or parents.

Along with the advances in biotechnology, a new age of health care has been ushered in. There is a revolutionary new system that caters to an individual’s needs, based on his or her genetic information, as provided by DNA test results that come with the system.

GeneWize Life Sciences is on the verge of introducing a system that has starts with a process that will determine each individual’s genetic makeup first, then a nutritional supplement plan will be formulated, specific to the individual’s nutritional needs.

GeneWize not only brings personalization to health care, even the DNA testing system is revolutionary: it won’t cost you thousands of dollars. At $199, you not only get to be tested, you also get a month’s worth of the nutritional supplement formulated just for you.

In the age of multi-tasking and increasing demands on the individual, there is a must for health care to be elevated to the next level. No longer should vitamin supplements be something we take for granted.

GeneWize’s LifeMap Nutritional System is heavy on antioxidants, but balanced with the essential vitamins and minerals. The proportions and the formula would be customized to your individual needs, based on 12 gene markers that the GeneWize DNA testing system would be focusing on. From the test results, you would be given a nutritional formula that is suited only for your body’s composition. This allows your body to maximize the antioxidant, nutritional, and health-boosting properties that the LifeMap formula contains.

The targeted treatment plan from GeneWize is an ideal way to care for your health. No more playing Russian roulette with the vitamin supplements that you take. With GeneWize, you get a nutritional plan that zeroes in on your body’s nutritional problem areas, and boosts your health in the most optimal way possible.

The GeneWize system is marketed in the network marketing tradition, and a marketing plan is currently being formulated to cater to health care professionals who do not like the network marketing system.

In dealing with illness, it is a known fact that prevention is the best cure. Thus, before you even consider the thought of creating a health-related contingency fund for the future, think about preventing future illnesses instead by making sure that your health is in tip-top shape, through a targeted, focused health formulation brought to you by intensive scientific research.

GeneWize is set to usher in the era of customized health care. With its revolutionary system and methods, your body will be cared for on a level never achieved by traditional vitamin supplements.

Personalize your health care with GeneWize today!