A Short List Of Some Of The Most Amazing Foods To Eat – For Health And For Brain Food

Many of you would like to see a straightforward list of the very best and proven natural foods that give optimum body and brain health.

We all love simple lists. There really are many foods that could qualify, but here is a list of 5 of the “top” foods.

This list is about: Health Benefits Of These Foods:

But, this is NOT an exhaustive list, nor is it a complete list. Just a short condensed helpful list of great foods.

1) Wild Salmon (I eat this about 3 times per week, and my own “numbers” prove it’s wealth to your body health. A wonderful, tasty way to obtain your omega 3’s, and we all know the benefit of these mighty fatty acids, right?

Many professionals in the health system are investigating the health benefits of dietary fish oil.

Omega 3’s have been proven to be effective for:

  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Mental Health
  • Joint Health & Inflammation
  • Cancer

2) Cacao Beans

What? Surprised at this?

Remember, it is the cacao bean, minimally processed that is healthy. NOT your supermarket type chocolate bar. Sorry! This awesome bean is one of the longest-revered foods. It has been shown to be an absolute powerhouse of health benefits.

So, yes, this chocolate is actually abrain food. So, look for fine DARK chocolate.

3) Green Tea:

Tea Bags? No. Definitely not.

Use the finely-ground powder of the shade-grown green tea plant, which must be very carefully grown, and selected, then dried, and then stone-ground. Tea such as that used in the Japanese tradition, is not your standard green tea. And no, it doesn’t come in bags.

4) Blueberries and Bilberries

These berries are champion foods because of their antioxidant levels. Bilberries are an amazing supplement for vision improvement.

5) Water, ah that wonderful and best thirst quencher and anti-aging drink

Water is healthy for your skin, it helps you lose weight, it flushes your toxins right out of your body, it keeps you alert, and it helps your muscles function more efficiently.

Tip: Drink 2 fresh glasses of water in the morning and then walk ½ hour. You will be amazed at the result after a week.

I drink water in many ways:

Bubble water – expensive, but once in a while, as a treat, I drink Perrier.

Mineral water – mixed with pure fruit juice, or, just drop in some fresh citrus fruit.

Or, just drink a glass of “natural” water. Either way, water is good, cheap, and healthy.

IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ THIS: The information provided in this article is for your education only…it is not intended as a diagnosis or advice. Please always contact a professional health person before you make any health related changes. And, make an investment in yourself; research the internet for ways to make you more healthy and vibrant and youthful.