Advantages of Health Care at Home

Many times people come to the decision to use home health care out of necessity. However, there are some advantages of home health care. This article is going to discuss some of these advantages.

The first advantage of home health care is time. Many people just don’t have the time it takes to care for a sick relative. With most households having both parents working, people can’t afford to quit their job or take long term family leave. This is why home health care is there to help. Home health nurses can provide the around the clock supervision that is sometimes necessary for disabled and elderly patients. Also with them there to handle some of the care, you can spend what time you do have just being there for your family member.

Hospitals don’t have the staff necessary to care for its sick. This is another advantage of home health. Personalized care is only possible when you employ home health aids. They have a much smaller caseload than hospitals. They also have more long term relationships. Even in the critical care ward of a hospital the turn over is much larger. This is also causing people to be discharged from the hospital with ports and drainage tubes still in their bodies. Home health nurses are able to monitor these medical appendages and perform proper maintenance of them.

In cases of non lethal injuries, patient recovery is a great advantage of home health. Studies show that people recover quicker in their own homes around the people they love, than in a hospital setting. They are able to see their families and interact, getting the support necessary for recovery. Hospitals may have the best medical teams but they’re still impersonal and spread thin. Home health care provides the perfect mix of hospital knowledge and family support. Nurses are able to help with physical therapy and recovery on a more specific level. They’re well in tuned to the patient’s progress and needs.

Although most families don’t consider this advantage, home health is also preferred by insurance companies. The cost is much lower than a long hospital stay. Hospice and other non profit organizations also may donate equipment. People like to think that cost is no issue when it comes to the care of your loved one. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes one when you realize those hospital bills don’t stop rolling in. Home health provides a way for you to get the care you need while the insurance company doesn’t have to cover the huge bills a hospital would be sending. Often Medicaid and Medicare provide free home health visits as well.