Health According to Spiritual Master

According to Spiritual Master, everybody potentially has the same length of life time. The cell potentially has the same competence to split itself in term of regeneration for several times and capability of breath (inhaling and breath/exhale) during life time. During life time, for instance, the cell has competence to do 10 times regeneration to replace the ineffective cells (in fact, regeneration of a cell are more than 1 million times) and 300 million times breathtaking (inhaling and exhaling)

Cells of organs quickly become ineffective because of either life style, such as having less rest time, over training and too hard working, or virus, or both, hence quickly regenerated. For quite health persons, averagely their cell regenerations take place every 7 years, and generally live until 70 years old. It means that cells regenerations with such length of life time are 10 times, on basis of 70 years old divided by 7 years (duration for regeneration). As another figure, let us say, because of either life style or virus, or both, cells regenerations of a person take place every 5 years, at the age of 50 (5 years regeneration cycles x 10 numbers of regeneration) cells of organs do not have competence to split for regeneration purpose. The same condition prevails to breathtaking. The person will hardly breath, having difficult breathtaking. At the age of 50 years old, breathtaking has been done 300 million times, so no more allotment for breathtaking after 50 years.

All Spiritual Masters and Scientists agree that men are resultant or the results of all substances taken and come into them. These two groups have slight different point concerning the category of the substances. To Spiritual Masters, substances are included everything inherited from past lives.

Food, drink and air come into out and are let out through physical contractive process. Emotion and everything surround us come into and go out through Ethereal body.

Because of ethereal body’s contractive process, we and our emotion are influenced. One of the examples, when we are among the members of a group having similar emotions, the drove of emotions then very easily influence us bursting into various forms like demonstration, car naval or mass meeting.

Our thought and those surround us come into and go out through the contraction of Astral body. It is the point that we are influenced by other people.

Our imaginations and those surround us come into and go out through the contraction of Mental body.

The first contraction of body/physical contraction is the contraction of lung, followed by the second, third and fourth contractions. At the time breath is inhaling, coming along the emotion, idea and imagination from outside. At the time of breath is being exhaling, the emotion, idea and imagination are releasing to the universe as well. It means that there is no idea, nor imagination originally coming from ourselves. All substances in this universe have influences towards one another.

If we have realized about all of these, we might laugh and feel sorry looking at everything going on around us. Many people or a group of people firmly keep their view point’s even voluntarily sacrifice their lives for the sake of such idea which by virtue are not theirs, but are the results of energy process surround them.

To prove the relationship between breath and emotion, thought/idea and imagination, let us hold our breath. At the time we are holding our breath, we turn to blank status, having no emotion, no idea nor imagination.

Substance coming into our body has influence towards our heath and is one of the significant factors of our fates. Anything coming into our body will be alive as far as being well treated. Emotion, idea and imagination will be alive when they are fed. The consumption of emotion, idea and imagination is attention. If we give attention to anything coming into our body, as the consequence, all our energies will be absorbed. This will result in the unavailability of energy for spiritual need, nor for prolonging the life of cell. Cell is then damaged at its early age and needs new regeneration. Not ought to such quick regeneration cycle will shorten our life time. Commonly, we are highly influenced by the in/out emotion, idea and imagination to/from our body.

We can manage our health and lives by managing the in/out substances. We manage precisely as the incoming substances do not influence us, or not to spend our attention to them so our existing energies are sufficient for our organs’ needs, at least for physical and spiritual bodies’ needs. Health is then concerning physical, ethereal, astral, mental and spiritual health.

Two main strategies to prolong life time and maintain good health:

1. Macro system

2. Micro system

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