Is Watching 3D Bad For Your Eyes and Health?

Anyone who has ever watched a 3D movie knows that if you take your glasses off it hurts your eyes to watch it, and there may be much more to it than that it seems. What if it hurts your eyes permanently or what if it hurts your mind, as your eyes are connected directly to that, you know? Okay so, this is a good question isn’t it? Is watching 3D TV, movies, or 3D commercials on your personal tech devices bad for your health?

There was an interesting article in SlashDot Online News recently titled; “3D Hurts Your Eyes” on July 23, 2011 posted by Timothy where he quotes “sajjadG” which stated;

“A research team at the University of California, Berkeley has determined that viewing content on a stereo 3D display hurts your eyes and brain, noting visual discomfort, fatigue, & headaches. 3D content viewed over a short distance from personal tech devices is more visually uncomfortable when the stereo content is placed in front of the screen. In a movie theater, it’s the opposite: Stereo content that is placed behind the screen causes more discomfort than scenes that jump out at you.”

Incidentally, after writing on 3D technology over the last good many years, and holographic technology as well, it appears we will be seeing more and more as time goes on. There was also an interesting article in the Review Section of the Wall Street Journal on July 16, 2001 (A Cultural Conversation with Lenny Lipton) titled; A 3-D Maven Weighs In, by Michelle Kung which stated; “If you’re going to charge more for a 3-D Movie, you better deliver.” Something, I myself have always believed, as I am sure most of us serious movie goers do.

This does bring up another point, that is this; if the movies are done poorly then the 3D movie might hurt your eyes worse, and if the companies making the movies don’t care, or get lazy with this technology, they “might” be harming their viewers, and hurting human health. Personally, this makes perfect sense to me, as there have also been other studies with computer monitors with certain types of screens which turned out to be bad for the eyes and brain as well.

Perhaps, there is a lesson here for early adopters of new technologies, as well as those companies always on the leading edge of these technologies. Meanwhile, it’s definitely something to consider for those of us in the industry. Please consider all this and think on it.