Three of the Best Reasons to Choose a Personal Fitness Trainer

Every year 70 percent of American citizens decide to embark on a personal fitness training programme. The same applies over here in the UK, but maybe the numbers are not quite as drastic. Of those 70 percent, 80 percent have dropped off after only 3 months and go back to their previous lifestyles. One statistic’s that’s even more damning relates to gym membership. 80 percent of the people who pay for memberships never actually attend the gym or maybe only make one or two cursory visits. If ever there was a waste of money, then that’s it. Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that 85 percent of people who take up a fitness regime under the guidance of a personal trainer will stick with it and reach the levels of fitness they aspire to. So why is this so? Why do personal trainers have such a good success rate?


Personal trainers have the ability to motivate. They can inspire you to do things you never imagined you could do, and even persuade you to carry on training when you feel at rock bottom. They know what to do and what to say to get the very best out of you. Perhaps the ultimate ‘motivational power’ they have is that you can’t escape from them. If you don’t feel like training then you’d make every excuse not to go to the gym. However, you can’t do that with home-based personal trainers as they come to you. Personal training focuses the mind and the body and encourages you to persevere even when you aren’t really feeling up to it.

Organisational skills

If you’ve ever visited a gym more in hope than expectation, you’ll have noticed two things almost straight away. Firstly, you’ll never get the body you crave unless you put many hours training in and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The second thing you’ll have noticed is there’s just too much equipment lying around. The chances are that you might not even have recognised some of it either. Most people don’t know where to start or what to do, and they’re afraid of looking foolish so won’t ask for help and advice from others. What generally happens is that people fiddle around for an hour or so on machines and free weights that are either inappropriate or unsuitable, then go home never to return. You might as well just have stayed at home and watched the TV.

These problems will never arise with a personal trainer. The equipment will be limited but comprehensive, and your trainer will come with a plan. They’ll work out with you in advance what you want from the fitness programme and will tell you what is and what isn’t achievable. They’ll establish goals and milestones and congratulate you if you reach them. If you don’t quite make it, they’ll be there to encourage and help you along so that you’ll hit the mark the next time.


Personal trainers are qualified and know not just how the body functions, but how to get the best out of it. Personal exercise plans can’t function on the basis of a one-size-fits-all solution: people’s needs and requirements are different and will vary with fitness levels, age and general health. Personal trainers have extensive knowledge and have trained for years to come up with exercise plans that are suitable and appropriate. Whenever you take part in a session with a personal trainer you can take comfort from the fact that you’re in very good knowledgeable hands.

The Role of Personal Development and Health

Personal development is defined as activities that improve self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.

The following are key attributes derived from personal development. They include:

  • improving self-awareness
  • improving self-knowledge
  • building or renewing identity
  • developing strengths or talents
  • identifying or improving potential
  • building employability or human capital
  • enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life
  • fulfilling aspirations
  • initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy
  • defining and executing personal development plans
  • improving social abilities

The rationale for pursuing personal development is the improvement of oneself. It is becoming more than you already are that fuels the drive. It is a journey and the journey itself becomes the process to be enjoyed. There is no destination or arriving point. One continually works on aspects of themselves they would like to improve. It may be emotional, intellectual or physical aspects.

So why is personal development important to health? Apart from raising consciousness to impact health, personal development is another key component which is addressed. Personal development focuses on areas within ourselves which we identify as warranting attention and improvement. The ultimate goal is to transcend any limitations you’ve placed upon yourself by living the life you truly deserve.

For example, you might have trouble forming intimate relationships with the opposite sex or sabotage the relationship due to; jealousy, fear, resentment, anxiety, anger or any other destructive emotion. Through a level of awareness you might work out that the cause of the sabotage has been fear. You are generally afraid that the other person might abandon you. You fear that you might not be good enough for the other person.

The list could be endless. After careful reflection and turning inward, you come to a realisation that your primary fear is not being good enough to be with the other person. You discuss this idea with loved ones who have known you since you were young and recall moments as a child where you demonstrated the same attitude and actions. Your sister informs you that your dad was very stern when growing up and placed a great deal of pressure on you to act and be a certain way. Nothing was ever good enough for him. Although he was a kind and giving father, he imposed his ways on you, which were not received well by you.

Subsequently in your teenage and adult years you began noticing that you resented this and turned this emotion on yourself. Nothing you ever did was good enough. You became a perfectionist, sighting numerous reasons why things should be the way they are. You eventually take on the role your father imposed on you at the unconscious level, while it is playing out in your real life. When you’re involved in a romantic relationship, these unconscious thoughts start manifesting themselves throughout the relationship as though the other person has become your father. You seek approval all the time from your partner.

If you’re reading this and pondering what relationships have to do with health? Consider for a moment the consequence of the effects when a relationship dissolves and how it can impact ones health. Your health is multi-dimensional, meaning it has different components to it which include: social health, environmental health, mental health, physical health and spiritual health. Relationships fall into the category of mental and social health. Personal development means you are no longer unconscious to your physical world. As a conscious creator and manifestor, you have the power now to create your reality, since you are aware and awake. You are conscious of your thought process since they’re not running on auto-pilot anymore.

Our state of health is largely influenced by the thoughts we entertain and allow into our lives. Our thoughts drive our emotional being. If you are unaware of your thoughts and emotions, imagine for a moment the long term effect on your quality of life. Being aware and awake means being empowered in your life. It means having control and options to choose your destiny and not succumb to outside influence. You become the architect and designer of your life, the captain of your ship.

Taking ownership of your life means investing time in knowing oneself and growing oneself. Reading self help books is only one component of the process. Life will mirror whatever is going on for you at the deepest level. The experiences will show up as lessons in your daily life. Personal development becomes the training you’ve done for that big race – in this case those moments in life when we need to draw on our deepest self. Your experiences begin to colour and form the person you become.

A Personal Trainer Can Greatly Increase Your Body Health

In American society, many people are facing the effects of obesity and we all need to work together to change this. As we gain unnecessary weight, we become unhealthier, which could lead to severe, life-threatening problems. Therefore, weight loss is more than just looking good. It is about taking control of our lives and health.

Obesity negatively affects overall health. The in shape, healthy individual does not have to worry about half the things about which overweight individuals have to worry. The healthy individual does not have to think about the possibility of a heart attack as much as the overweight individual does. In addition, while a heart attack is a health condition to worry about, there is still much more that should cause concern.

Those whose weight is considered unhealthy also risk such health concerns as cancer and diabetes. Though we do not always feel it, our unhealthy bodies undergo a lot of damage as we continue to be unhealthy. The longer we remain unhealthy, the bigger risk of health conditions getting worse increases. Since we are always getting older, the risk of health conditions increases almost exponentially.

For those that understand the message, there is still time, despite age and shape, to take control of your life and regain health. Personal trainers have been educated to work with different body types and ages to help individuals achieve the goals of their desire. Two weeks is all it takes to see a notable difference, but the techniques that are taught are not to be used and then forgotten. People should use the techniques they learn throughout their life, adjusting them slightly as they age.

As health returns to your body, you will start to realize just how much being unhealthy affected your day. When healthy, your body will have a newfound energy that will last throughout the day. In addition, there is no feeling comparable to feeling perfectly comfortable in your body. Once you have your health again, there is no reason not to flaunt it.

Feeling healthy physically can also lead to feeling good mentally. This is due to body self-consciousness, as well as the food being eaten. Exercising can increase happiness in multiple ways. The body releases endorphins during exercise, which are natural painkillers that can also provide waves of euphoria. Besides this, a person’s level of confidence usually rises when he or she is in shape.

Once you are over that hill and the weight has been lost, working out may even seem fun. The thrill and newfound confidence at having the body you have always desired is not something that can be easily found elsewhere. It cannot be found elsewhere when you factor in the fact that with the thrill and confidence will also be healthiness.

Personal Development

Personal Development has been in use since people have become aware of themselves and how they fit into the world around them. It is only part of the human experience to test the strengths of our limitations and to ponder the meaning of life’s purpose. From the moment we are born we are curious and learning, and only become riddled with more questions as we age through our personal journeys and discoveries.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is not a quick lesson that is over within just a few days. It involves a long-term commitment to make a series of conscious efforts towards improving our existing strengths and developing brand-new ones. People practice personal development strategies because they want to improve an area of their life; such as success in wealth, health, personal relationships, knowledge, happiness, and other individual pursuits. The process may be a simple or complex journey that composes of a myriad of short term accomplishments. The smaller accomplishments serve to chart out the gradual milestones that are necessary to achieving more significant and challenging goals.

There are many tools available for people who wish to achieve personal development through multiple angles. Most methods focus on incorporating success from a combination of self-discipline, specific goals, challenges, and keeping journals to track success. Most common resources include peer groups, cognitive behavior therapy, meditation, social networking, books, audio books, and interactive instructional programs.

The Benefits of Personal Development

When we make an effort to work at improving one specific area in our life the benefits spill over into other areas outside our targeted interests. Challenging ourselves to be a better person is also a holistic approach affecting our quality of living, health, and community.


In many cases, tailoring a plan to follow on a daily basis is just the kindling that we need to get out of a stagnant rut. When we have been doing the same thing day in and day out without any real changes, we become accustomed to it and less inclined to feel enthusiastic. Undertaking a personal challenge will bring a renewed sense of interest and the motivation that we need to begin the process of establishing different behavior.

Mental Health:

The old saying that if we don’t use it we lose it has been constantly proven in the scientific community. Brain performance is directly tied to how much we challenge our minds throughout life. Learning new unfamiliar skills creates new neurons and strengthens the brain’s synapses that prevent mental decline and ward off senility.


Actively working towards our goals gives us a boost of confidence and optimism for the future. Just being aware of what we are doing to bring change will greatly increase how far we go in life, and thus contribute to creating a more fulfilling lifestyle that we learn to appreciate.

Inspiring Others:

Making positive changes in our habits may also influence the people who are closest to us. self-improvement is much more stimulating, satisfying, and fun when we can take the journey with someone we love.


Personal development is a fantastic parenting tool that allows us to be role models for our children. When children learn to set goals at an early age they develop skills that they can use for a lifetime.